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Former Member
Sep 16, 2011 at 08:58 AM

Territory not updated in Account even account data satisfy Territory Rule



I am working on territory management and am able to successfully establish relationship between Accounts & Territory. I can see the terrtories to which account is assigned under 'Territories' assignment block on Account overview screen.

But now if I create/ change any account data(which was not satisfying territory rule earlier) to match the territory rule, the territory is not updated even after running the report 'CRM_TERRMAN_PROC_REL'(delta).

E.g. Suppose We a territory 'ABC' with territory Rule for all accounts as- postal code between 20000 & 30000. and this rule is already released.

Now when i create an account with postal code 20569(or change an existiong account with some other postal code to a number between 20000 & 30000), It should be assigned to this territory ABC. But this relationship is not established at all even after report 'CRM_TERRMAN_PROC_REL' is executed.

Please suggest if need to implement any SAP Note or any configuration/customization is missing to achieve this functionalty.