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Sep 16, 2011 at 08:43 AM

Additional actions for some actions and not others


We want to activate additional actions for one part of the company. They use, for exampe actions 1-10.

The other part of the company do not want additional actions active. They use, for example actions 11-20.

I need to have the ADMIN EVSUP setting in T77S0 set to 1.

My plan was then to go into T529T and take off the U0302 tick for actions 11-20.

However when I try to do this I get an error

"Upd.0000 = 'X' is only allowed for Upd.0302 = 'X'

Message no. 54360


The combination you have chosen for the action is not permitted. The infotype 0302 (Additional actions) is active and all completed actions saved in infotype 0000 (actions) must also be logged in infotype 0302."

It would appear that if additional actions is on, it is on for all actions. I beleve this was not always the case

Note 932678 - Additional actions are automatically active states

"The report automatically activates the U0302 column in the T529A table for all actions. This may not to be required for certain actions, for example if you neither want to save the action in question in infotype 0000 nor in infotype 0302. In this case you have to manually deactivate the column for the relevant action."

Any guidance would be appreciated.