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Sep 16, 2011 at 07:27 AM



Dear Expert

I am a fresher to SAP JOB and my customer is having issue mentioned below. Can anyone help me to analyse the issue and solve the error.

Customer wrote to me:

I had to do a customer credit against a YBKB Consignment Fill up order,

but instead of just doing the YBKR Return which credits the customer and

returns the product to stock for the Return PO for the Vendor credit, I

also incorrectly done a YBKA Consignment Pickup? I think I just need to

Delete the Consignment Pickup order (YBKA), delivery document, and the

goods issue material document. This would just leave the correct Return

Type YBKR active which credited the customer. Do I have this correct?

If so, I can delete the Consignment Pickup order (YBKA) and the Returns

Delivery Document, but who will have to delete the Goods Issue Material

Document against this order? I have never done this???

Consignment Pickup Order# 60000184

Returns Delivery# 84001007

GI Consignment Return Delivery Document# 4900014847

Thanks and Regards

M.Dheerendar Jain