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SAP BPC NW 10 - Error UJO_READ_ EXCEPTION_ 0A18 when using YTD Measure in a report

Dec 19, 2016 at 11:38 AM


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Hello BPC experts,

I am facing the following issue and I don't really know what to do as there are a lot of different answers on the other discussions :

When I'am using the YTD in a report with "normal" Time ID and a technical ID, at the refresh, the following error message appears :


One or more errors occurred. The execution of report Default Report failed. Please contact your administrator. Bad request. Server message: code: UJO_READ_EXCEPTION_018 severity: error description: MDX statement error: Value 2016_INP 0HIER_NODE for characteristic /CPMB/UQDNUTZ unknown log id: 051Ml4Jv7jQnkx7vE840}0 DATAVALUE:Value 2016_INP 0HIER_NODE for characteristic /CPMB/UQDNUTZ unknown MDX: SELECT NON EMPTY {[/CPMB/UQDY54I PARENTH1].[TOTAL_AUDIT /CPMB/UQDY54I] ,[/CPMB/UQDY54I PARENTH1].[INPUT] ,[/CPMB/UQDY54I PARENTH1].[MENSU] } * {[/CPMB/UQD7IW3 PARENTH1].[TOT_CLIENT_REPORT /CPMB/UQD7IW3] ,[/CPMB/UQD7IW3 PARENTH1].[CLIENT_NA] } * {[/CPMB/UQD7S62].[ACTUAL] ,[/CPMB/UQD7S62].[BUDGETV1] ,[/CPMB/UQD7S62].[ESTIMATE1] ,[/CPMB/UQD7S62].[ESTIMATE2] ,[/CPMB/UQD7S62].[ESTIMATE3] ,[/CPMB/UQD7S62].[ESTIMATE4] } * {[/CPMB/UQDNUTZ YTD_PARENTH1].[2014.TOTAL /CPMB/UQDNUTZ] ,[/CPMB/UQDNUTZ YTD_PARENTH1].[2015.TOTAL /CPMB/UQDNUTZ] ,[/CPMB/UQDNUTZ YTD_PARENTH1].[2016.TOTAL /CPMB/UQDNUTZ] ,[/CPMB/UQDNUTZ YTD_PARENTH1].[2016.01 0HIER_NODE] ,[/CPMB/UQDNUTZ YTD_PARENTH1].[2016.02 0HIER_NODE] ,[/CPMB/UQDNUTZ YTD_PARENTH1].[2016.03 0HIER_NODE] ,[/CPMB/UQDNUTZ YTD_PARENTH1].[2016.04 0HIER_NODE] ,[/CPMB/UQDNUTZ Y etc. etc. etc.

Here is my time dimension :

Has anyone encountered and solve this issue ? I would be grateful for any help !


Karim Dinmamode

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Vadim Kalinin Dec 19, 2016 at 12:09 PM

Time members need to have 3 level hierarchy, including technical members! I have explained it many times! Please search!

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Hello Vadim,

Thanks for your reply. I found a solution but didn't made a 3 level hierarchy.

We just changed the level of the technical ID : YEAR --> MONTH and it's working fine without modify the hierarchy.





You may have other issues in future because of incorrect level structure.

Is it so hard to create 3 level?

In this sample the input member is created outside the normal year. It's a question if it's a good idea to have it under total year parent.

timeh.png (35.6 kB)

Indeed, you're right. I'll change my time hierarchy and make 3 levels as yours.

Thanks !




In my test system the "xxxx.INP" member is used only for disaggregation to months (using write back badi).

The logic is like:

If the user enter data to INP member - save it and immediately write 1/12 of this value to 12 months of the year.

If user enter data to normal month - then just save it to normal month.