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Sep 15, 2011 at 04:08 PM

missed get delta once option in dtp and transported to prod


hi all

we have transported DTP for our infocube 0wbs_c11 into production.

This infocube 0wbs_c11 is loaded from 4 datasources of which one datasource supports delta and rest donot.

so in process chains we are using the option for delete overlapping requests. for all the 3 datasources which doesnot support delta.

But for one of these 3 datasources we have transported DTP without ticking GET DELTA ONCE OPTION AND loaded to infocube.

now we should tick the get delta once option and transport it to production, where we already ran this dtp once.

Since we cannot enable the get delta once option enabled in dtp after the first dtp run

my question is should i delete the request from infocube and transport the dtp transport request (to prod )with getdelta once option ticked and run the dtp again will it work.

or do i need to delete the request as well as dtp from prod and then transport the new request with delta once option ticked.