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Sep 15, 2011 at 12:34 PM

Sorting the Non qualifier values.. Is it Possible!!


Hi Experts,

I have a qualified table.

week day -> Non qualifier

Time In -> Qualifier

Time out -> Qualifier

The Week day Field is fileed with all 7 days of the week.

Monday, Tuesday,wednesday,Th..... sunday

Wehave 2 issues here..

1) In DM qualified lookup selection for a record, i can see it is autiomaticallyy sorted Based on Alphabetical order..

that is Friday, Monday, Saturday, Sunday, thursday, Tuesday, Wednesday.

we require this to be in Monday to Sunday order..

2) Also i selected Monday first and gave timein time out values, and for the same record when i ALSO select Friday and provided Time in and Time out values and once i Hit save, then i can see that Friday is seen first and Monday is seen Next to it.

Which means it is also saving the Entries for Qualified table in a Non qualifier Alphabetical sorting order.

Can we get rid of this??

User should see the Qualifid Lookup selection box in Monday to sunday order

Once user selects the any of the values in non qualifiers they should be seen in Monday to Sunday order once they save.

Note: Sort Type option at Non qualifier Field level did not help.

did anyone face similar issue??