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Sep 15, 2011 at 11:34 AM

Problem with Submit and Return statement


Hi Experts,

I have two reports.

First report has Select options as well as Parameters.

From Second Report i 'm passing set of values for select option and need to get back the results in the second Report.

But i'm getting only one value(which is the first value in the select option) in the second report.

Find the below code which i have used.

loop at s_matnr1.

seltab_wa-low = s_matnr1-low.

append seltab_wa to seltab.


seltab_wa-selname = 'S_WERKS'.

seltab_wa-sign = 'I'.

seltab_wa-option = 'EQ'.

seltab_wa-low = wa_plant-werks.

append seltab_wa to seltab.

SUBMIT sdrqcr21 "VIA JOB jobname number jobcount AND RETURN

WITH SELECTION-TABLE seltab via selection-screen " IN s_matnr1

with P_INSERT EQ 'X'

WITH p_compar EQ ''

WITH p_lock EQ 'X'

WITH p_posins EQ 'X'

user sy-uname

via job jobname

number jobcount

and return.

i need all the values in the seltab should be executed rather than first value.

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Thanks in advance dudes 😊



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