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Feb 23, 2005 at 06:30 PM

Beginner question: What exactly do I need?..


Hello everybody,

I am really a SAP newbie, so, I have numerous and pretty complex (to my mind) questions. I hope, some of you, gurus, could help me with them.

First of all, I am J2EE developer. So, I would like to use SAP (Web AS?) advantages with my J2EE applications.

1. Is SAP WebAS only Web container (like Tomcat) or full-compaitable J2EE container (i.e. with EJB support, etc.)?

Also, I am interested in ABAP programming language. Which advantages could it bring to me? I would like to "play" with it, too.

2. What SAP server do I need? Is there any trial download? or developer's limited edition?

Soon, I could start working in a company, where SAP R/3 system is working. Will I be able to run my J2EE application and ABAP programs (if I will write few of them ;-)? Will they be able to run both in one AS?

3. What SAP software can I download (trial? limited edition?) to learning it, and which will be able to be the same (of very likely to) full-functional SAP R/3?

If it will be possible, answer these questions!

Or just tell me where I can get these answers (books/links/etc.).

Thank you very much!

Looking forward your answer!