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Sep 15, 2011 at 08:43 AM

Replication of bp name field from ERP to CRM


Hi experts,

We have a problem in ERP to CRM master data replication.

We have already connected our ERP (ECC 5.0) system to CRM 7.0.

We have made initial master business partners (bp) data load from ERP to CRM without problems.

All bp fields, including NAME (but000-name_org1) are transfered correct from ERP (KNA1-NAME1) to CRM.

We have a z program in ERP that is used by users to change the customers names (KNA1-name1).

When we use our custom program in ERP to change the kna1-name1 field in ERP, the bp name field is not changes in CRM.

Using XD02 or FD02 in ERP to change the name (kna1-name1) field in ERP the replication of this field to CRM is correct.

KNA1 table is updated correctly in ERP using our custom program .

What does transactions XD02 and FD02 has that make name filed replicated in CRM?

Thanks in advanced.