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Sep 15, 2011 at 07:46 AM

Date Conversion



I have date stored as 15-09-2011 in DB Connect source system.

When i load to to datasource which is havinf CHAR 10 field the result is stored as 14.09.2011. - goes...

Now in standard DSO i have DATS field with length 8.

I want this data in YYYYMMDD format.

I utried using all consersion routines did not work.

I used below formula in transfer rule types

DATECONV( /BIC/Z_11, 'DDMMYYYY', '-' ) and also DATECONV( /BIC/Z_11, 'DDMMYYYY', '.' ) and DATECONV( /BIC/Z_11, 'DMY', '-' )

all possible ways did not work.

I also used belwo routine in transfer rule type:

Data : month(2) type c,
date(2) type c,
year(4) type c.

date = SOURCE_FIELDS(2).
month = SOURCE_FIELDS+3(2).
year = SOURCE_FIELDS+6(4).

Concatenate year MONTH Date into RESULT .

Not working.

Please suggest what to do now.