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Sep 14, 2011 at 09:56 PM

Unable to import Universes - server input is down


Hello I'm running BOE XI R2 SP4 on RHEL with an oracle backend. When I attempt to import a biar file with the import wizard the folders and connections import, but the universes and objects do not. When I click on the detailed log it gives the following error:

"Committing the export object to the destination CMS failed. reason file repository server input is down"

I can see the service for the Input server is up and running with ps -ef as well as enabled which I verified with ./ -display. I can also go into the CMC and see the server is up and enabled. I have confirmed the directory where the filestore was located (NFS share) had sufficient space and it had write permissions for our business objects user. I then figured it might be some kind of network issue or even permissions issue so I moved the input directory to a local mount within the BOE directory as well as confirmed permissions and available space on the new directory. When that failed I went into the cmc and disabled and reenabled the input server. When that failed to produce results I deleted the Input server with the ./ script and created a new one. Following that I logged into the CMC and enabled the new Input server and reran my import. This final import also failed to pull over the universes stating the same error as above. I'm out of ideas ... the -display shows the service up and enabled as well as the running process, however the import wizard tells me it's down. I don't have any kind of windows firewall running on my client box so nothing should be blocking ports 6400-6410. Any help would be appreciated.