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Sep 14, 2011 at 08:58 PM

MB1B 311 triggering LT06


Hello everyone

I am currently facing an issue in our WM environment

Plant ABCD is having 2 stor. location viz sto1 & sto2

Now sto1 is tied to warehouse WM1 & sto2 to WM2

Currently I hv configured the "LE-WM Interface to Inventory Management"

WM1 - 311 --- Auto TR creation --- Imm TO creation (A - Create in BG)

Same config is done for WM1 - 312, WM2 - 311 & WM2 - 312

Now when I execute MB1B with movement type 311 for moving stock from STO1 to STO2, the screen auto navigates to LT06 after saving MB1B for the creation of WM TO manually. This happens only when there are multiple line items in the Material Document.

When I perform the same for only 1 line item, it does not navigate to LT06. Instead the TO is posted in the background automatically.

I am very confused about this.

Can anyone shed their thoughts about the behavior and possible provide a fix.