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Feb 23, 2005 at 03:04 PM

Parameterizing Replacement path variable in a URL.


I have a web template with a query which has a variable which is populated by a replacement path query which has a second variable whose value the user enters. I build up the parameterized URL.*******.com:1041/sap/bw/BEx?SAP-LANGUAGE=E&PAGENO=1&CMD=LDOC&TEMPLATE_ID=<b>PRDPROF</b>&VARIABLE_SCREEN=&VAR_NAME_1=<b>PRDTXT</b>&VAR_OPERATOR_1=CP&VAR_SIGN_1=I&VAR_VALUE_LOW_EXT_1=FEM

The template PRDPROF is based on a query and has a variable PRDID which is a replacement path which is filled by a query whose variable is PRDTXT and is filled in the above URL. PRDTXT is a selection option variable whose entry is optional and is checked ready for input. 'Change during query navigation' is unchecked.

For some reason, the variable values are passed onto the parameterized URL and will fill the variable screen but the screen waits for the user to push the execute button.

Can anybody see what the problem is ? Any input is apperciated.