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Sep 14, 2011 at 03:32 PM

Table for PR04 weekly trips with individual dates


We have a couple of ABAPS we are having issues with. these are using tables like PTRV_HEAD & PTRV_SHDR to get trip data. The problem with these tables is they only have a single entry for the week with a Week commencing and week ending date - The data is entered in the weekly view using transaction PR04

What I'm looking for is being able to get the actual day of the week the trip(s) were made, but I can't find where/how SAP stores the data for each individual trip in the week

As an example, if an employee does 1000 miles on Tue 2/8, and 500 on Thurs 4/8. The tables show

Trip 1234, BEGDA 1/8, ENDDA 7/8, Miles 1500

Is there a table that shows something like....

Trip 1234/1, Date 2/8, Miles 1000

Trip 1234/2, Date 4/8, Miles 500

Any help or advice you can give on getting to the individual dates would be appreciated