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Sep 14, 2011 at 03:11 PM

Planned Orders not scheduled correctly after MRP


Dear gurus,

I configured planned/production orders in OPU3/OPU5 for capacity and planning. I created the capacity/schedulling formulas (are the same) and input in the WC. I also fulfill the correct times in the routing.

Still, after running MRP (either for PD or M0 MRP type material) all the planned orders has the end date in the same date of the requirement. I ran the MRP with lead-time scheduling option.

I wish that SAP would calculate the capacity of the WC and would schedule the planned orders considering the capacity.

Obs: Entering one planned order, the begin-end date and time are correct based on the routing.

Obs2: If I schedule the orders manually in the CM21 and save, SAP changes the dates correctly.

Any clues??

Best Regards,

Felipe Tavares