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Sep 14, 2011 at 02:38 PM

we delete bank Statement without reset clear item through RFEBKA96"


Dear all

In Manual Bank reconciliation Using FF67,BRS was posted successful, after That we clear GL account Through F-03.After clearing Bank incoming GL A/c I found that 2 entry was posted with wrong Transaction type . we delete bank Statement without reset clear item through SE38 Program name "RFEBKA96"

Entry at FF67 like this-(Total 6 entry was posted in BRS)

Exa. TType date amount

Sa01 13.07.2011 15000(Incoming)

Sa01 13.07.2011 10000

Sa01 13.07.2011 5000-(wrong entry)

Sa01 13.07.2011 3000- (wrong entry)

Sa02 13.07.2011 2000-

Sa02 13.07.2011 8000-(Outgoing)

(Note- where SA01 Is cheque deposit and SA02 cheque payment)

Now when user going to clear Bank Outgoing gl account using F-03(Clear GL a/c)

2 Line item show as credit item and document type ZR(Bank reconciliation) In Incoming GL A/c

12 line item in main bank Account including 2 same Cr line item show in main gl

Problem is there, that is no Dr. item for clearing against ZR document(in Incoming bank) .

Please suggest me it is on High priority

Thanks & Regards