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Sep 14, 2011 at 11:46 AM

Secondary Sales in SAP u00A0


Dear Gurus,

we are consumer product industry and have distribution chennel all over the country.we have distibutors as customer in our SAP and route sales through SD module

Now Managment wants to float new idea i.e. distribution will be given to only those dealers who will sell our stock excelusivey to end consumer

we would have sales purchase concept with dealers i.e. we will invoice for the stock to dealer (at present we are doing the same) but new thing is managment wants complete information of all end user to whom our stock is being sold and at the price and terms


how we can cater sale activity of dealer in our SAP system??

can this activity call secondary sales concept??

how can we cater it ??

dealer sales is delaer business and its financials should not be shown in our books so can we make complete secondary sales process with notet impacts, if yes how??

have we look towards ABAP for secondary sales info system, if yes an