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Sep 14, 2011 at 09:18 AM

Invoice blocked for qty reason, but condition type deleted from the PO


Hi Gurus,

I have an LIV with R block in the header level. The invoice contains a line item for planned delivery cost condition type FRB1 which was entered manually during PO creation.(no condition record exists for FRB1). But the condition type FRB1 is missing from the PO line item now and when trying to release the invoice block via MRBR, it gives the message that the 'list is incomplete'.

The PO is not having any release strategy and the invoice number is available in the index table RBKP_BLOCKED.

The condition type FRB1 got deleted from the PO on re-triggering the pricing. The business needs the pricing to be carried out on the shipment date from the vendors site. So when the vendor issues the goods, the same is updated in the pricing date field in PO line item and the pricing is re-triggered. So in this case the happenings were in the below sequence.

1. Buyer created PO with manually entered FRB1 condition type.

2. Invoice posted against the PO.

3. When vendor has shipped the goods, the ASN updates the pricing date in the PO and carries out re-pricing. The FRB1 got deleted from the PO on re-pricing as no condition record existed.

4. Goods receipt posted

5. Trying to release the invoice in MRBR, but the system gives the message that the list is incomplete.

Please suggest how to go ahead with the resolution of the issue.