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Sep 14, 2011 at 08:51 AM

Remove text nodes in unused languages


Hi experts,

I am working in a smartform environment that is very slow when activating the forms. After some investigations I have seen that the activation process are reading all the text nodes for my form independent of the language I am using (which in itself is a strange way to do it).

For some reason, the text nodes in table STXFTXTA exists for 35+ languages, while I am using only English and Swedish.

So basically we have 35+ entries of all texts, and all are read during the activation process, which takes 4-5 minutes for an average form.

Texts that we create ourselves are just created in the form original language (English) so the problem is all the predefined texts. Of couse we can remove all texts and recreate them but that is quite a lot of work.

Are the a way to remove the unwanted texts from the STXFTXTA table and just keep EN and SV?

best regards,