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Sep 14, 2011 at 07:37 AM

Auto ID


Hello Experts,

Ihave written code for Auto increment for Itemcode which is :

declare @temp as char(15)

set @temp=(select max(right(Itemcode,6)) + 1 from OITM where (left(itemcode,3)='ITM'))

set @temp='ITM'isnull(replicate(0,6-len(@temp)),'')@temp

select isnull(cast(@temp as char(15)),'ITM000001')

The code is running propelrly when iam refreshing UDF at Add mode. But when iam refreshing at Update mode it is going to give me next autoid.

I know that i have not given TransactionType parameter to specify Add or Update.

How should i specify the Add or update mode in this querry?

Please give me any suggestion as soon as possible.