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Sep 14, 2011 at 06:27 AM

Not able to add variable in C-Mod


Hi Expert,

I am facing a tropical issue when I am adding one more variable in C-Mod of my BI system. In our system, the C-Mod already have a lot of code in C-Modu2019s include. Now when I am adding one more variable, its corresponding include and code in the C-Mod, and trying to transport , its giving RC-8.

The Error shows that, it can maximum handle 32768 lines and you have 32796 line. If I delete my code, then it works fine. So as of my understanding, C-Mod of our system is already its maximum limits. But we have to add some more variable and code in C-Mod for our new development.

1. Can any one please tell me how I can overcome this problem?

2. Is there any way to extend the maximum limit of C-Mod ?

3. Is there any other work around to add more code in C-Mod ?

Thanks in Advance,