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Former Member
Sep 13, 2011 at 08:07 PM

Active (ValidFor) vs. Inactive (FrozenFor)


Hello Experts,

I am encountering unusual behaviour on the active (ValidFor) status of our items.

I discovered this when trying to create a report on ValidFor field but was not retrieving certain records that I knew were active.

The problem was that records which appeared active on the UI (radio botton toggled on Active) were still holding an N value for ValidFor despite also holding a FrozenFor value of N.

This seemed incorrect but I did some reading which demonstrated how items could be both active = N and inactive = N and that FrozenFor is the manager for whether items can be used in marketing docs, reports, etc.

However, the unexpected behaviour is that when I update the particular item which has ValidFor = N and FrozenFor = N in any way whatsoever (an update to the description etc. NOT the status) and click update. The ValidFor field is automatically switched to Y which accurately reflects the true status of the item and what the user sees in the UI.

Secondary observations are that new item codes have a default value of ValidFor = Y and that the item records in question ARE being actively used in marketing documents which did not cause the value to change to Y.

I am thinking it may be an inconsistency derived from 2007 to 8.8 conversion long ago that went undetected. I am considering using DTW to switch ValidFor to Y on these items to improve the data's integrity for reporting.

Thus, I am wondering if this is expected SAP behaviour that Item Update causes the field to change and whether I should update all my records to reflect the actual status?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Thanks very much,