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Former Member
Sep 13, 2011 at 06:11 PM

Crystal 2008 with VS 2005


Hi all I have the following problem:

there is an existing and still supported solution which has the following prerequisites:

development XP VS 2005 (.NET Windows Forms) with CR XI

There should be an installation on a Windows 7 (64) system.

I tried to install the application and CR-Runtime. The application starts but CR is coming up with an wrong licence or sýstem error.

So I did an update to CR CI R2 Sp6, I also installed the new runtime. I recompiled the solution.

Without success, same error.

So now I updated to CR 2008 (trial version 30 day, because I want to check if this will work), build a new solution, installed the RT, same error.

During the RT install, I was not ask for any licence key (like in CR-versions before). So is it possible to build a solution with a trail version and test the runtime ? (If not the wrong licence message make sense.

I'm really confused. Do I have to buy CR 2008 first to test it?

Thank you for any response.