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Sep 13, 2011 at 02:03 PM

Delta initialisation error



I am running one process chain in development system.I am running this after longtime.It gave error with one local chain saying that --'Process Execute Infopackage' has status ended with errors.

I went into that local chain and chain is yellow at one process -'Load Data' and not going forward-I checked messages-'No successful initialisation of delta update took place'--

I checked the particular ODS...It has data until Feb this year.....The infopackage settings are -Initialisation with data transfer.

1.How can I proceed to run the chain successfully?

2.If I have to do delta initialisation,do I go into infopackage and just schedule it?or Do I choose 'Initialisation without data transfer'?and then run chain again from beginning?

3.Do I have to delete data in ODS,then do delta initialisation with data transfer and then run process chain?

Can anybody explain step by step?Thanks alot.