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Feb 22, 2005 at 06:08 PM

Transactional behavior in JMS


On WAS 6.40 I have a problem trying to get the following behavior when using JMS:

A message is sent from a session bean method (TX_REQUIRED) and then we mark the transaction for rollbackonly, i.e. aborting the transaction. Expected behaviour is that the message should not be sent. This works for a number of application servers however it fails on WebAS.

I am using XAQueueConnectionFactory configured in VisualAdmin. I tried several scenarios for session creation as well as using XA interfaces explicitely:

XAQueueConnectionFactory factory = (XAQueueConnectionFactory) ctx.lookup( JNDIUtils.Q_CONFAC );

XAQueueConnection _queueConnection = factory.createXAQueueConnection();


So is there a way in netweaver to achieve this behavior without using explicit transactional attributes for sessions? We rely heavily on using container managed transactions.

Any help is appreciated!