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Sep 13, 2011 at 06:04 AM

Variant Configuration in Purchasing


I have a configurable material which has two variants, RED and GREEN. In the inforecord, I have maintained the variant conditionas as RED = 21 and GREEN = 41

Now, in a PO, when I select RED in the configuration of the material, the correct condition RED = 21 is picked up. The condition RED = 21 and the gross price = 100 is seen in the conditions tab too. So, the net price is 121

Now, in the same PO, when I again go to the configuration button, I erase the RED variant and I write GREEN. So, now I expect that the variant condition RED = 21 should go away and only the variant condition GREEN = 41 should remain in the PO alongwith the gross price = 100 .. So, the net price should have been 100+41 = 141...

But, what is happening is, even though I have erased RED and written GREEN, the variant condition RED does not go away. The PO has varaint condition RED = 21 and also variant condition GREEN = 41 and gross price = 100 . So, thus the net price is seen as 1004121=162 instead of 100+41=141 ...

Could anyone please help me out to know why the variant condition RED = 21 remain in the PO when I have erased RED from the configuration in the PO.