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Sep 13, 2011 at 04:36 AM

Rounding Issue Excise Invoice and Accounting document



I have made and Excise Invoice with following values

Base Price 4110

BED 10% 411

CESS 2% on BED 8

HEC 1% on BED 4

In the Excise Table J_1IEXCDTL also values for BED is updated as 411, CESS as 8 and HEC as 4

But in Accounting Documetn following values gets updated

Base Price 4110

BED 10% 411

CESS 2% on BED 8.22

HEC 1% on BED 4.11

So at times there is a difference in both Excise Invoice and accounting Document. We want same values should appear in Excise Invoice and Accounting Document. Since EXCISE does not accept value in paise, we need to round off the value to the nearest rupee and accordingly update the accounting document.

My Pricing procedure mentions Cal Type as 17 Rounder off as per T001 R for BED / CESS /HEC...

Please guide...