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Sep 13, 2011 at 04:16 AM

User group [$CLASS] not an Org level field in IA, whereas it is in DA


Hi All,

We have an authorization problem that we faced while SAP Upgrade. In the development system while we upgraded all the roles, we did not face any issue. User group field [$CLASS] was actually an org level field in that system and the roles were upgraded based on that condition.

When the Integration system was up and the upgraded roles were transported to IA, we noticed that they ended with a warning. On checking the logs we found out that User group [CLASS] actually was not an Org level value in the INtegration system, whereas it was an org level field in the development system.

Can someone tell me the reason why it is different? Is there any settings we have to change to make User group an org level field in IA. Thanks a lot for your help.