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Sep 13, 2011 at 01:36 AM

Anonymous user can not access to XML From show


Hello, I've created forms to show News with the NewsExplorer and

NewsBrowser layout,We use (I copyed system standard based ivew,Anonymous user is able to see the

list of News (RenderListItem) but no to display the content of the

News, it keeps asking for login and showing the login screen.

what I have done:

1.I have already applied note 837898 regarding anonymous KM.

2 I have setted all iviews and pages for anonymous property,and give

everyone group permission.

3 I have copyed the and add the following tag inside the

<component-profile> tag:

<property name="AuthScheme" value="anonymous"/>

4 I've tried to change authorizations for security zone containing (its in>Netweaver KMC->low safety->>components->xmlformpreview)

5 I have opened the PCD Editor as Content Administrator: Content

Administration > Portal Content > Portal Content > Portal Users >

Standard Portal Users > Standard User Role > Open > Object

a) Navigate to Home (note the tooltip " home_ws") > Hidden >

URL Access.

b) Open all contained iViews (Basic Search, Details, Document,

Highlighted Content) for editing

c) Select the property category "Advanced"

d) Change the property "Authentication Scheme" to "anonymous"

e) Save the changes

I found a problem,After applying the note 837898 the url will be

changed to /irj/go/km/docs instead

of /irj/servlet/prt/portal/prtroot/ when user

click RendList Item,the url must is:

I don't have any idea,please help me <<text removed>>

Thanks a lot!


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