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Sep 12, 2011 at 06:37 PM

Inputs required related to Usage of Account Life Cycle Functionality


Hi Friends,

As part of the CRM Upgrade requirement, we are planning to use Account Life cycle functionality to reflect the status of an account.

As per the SAP recommendations( Note 1113330) we are currently executing the program CRM_BUPA_USERSTATUS_CONV2ROLE to convert user status master data to BP roles. We have noticed this program is taking more time even when we run this for single business partner. We are trying to explore the options on how to improve the performance of the job. Incase you have encountered similar issues and found a resolution, pls share your experiences.

Your views on the following points will be of great help.



1) Total Volume of Customer Master Data

2) How many records are considered for one execution of the conversion program

3) How much time did it took for one execution ?

4) When we are running the program in back ground mode..we are not getting the spool

showing the log information. we are thinking of writing a Z Program to meet this. is there anyother way through which we can meet this requirement.

5) Any information on how many work processors that were available for executing the jobs