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Sep 12, 2011 at 05:36 PM

Customize fpm popup buttons


I have created a popup from a custom toolbar button. I created the popup window using this:

DATA lo_window_manager TYPE REF TO if_wd_window_manager.
 DATA lo_api_component  TYPE REF TO if_wd_component.
 DATA lo_window         TYPE REF TO if_wd_window.

*Call window
 lo_api_component  = wd_this->wd_get_api( ).
 lo_window_manager = lo_api_component->get_window_manager( ).
 lo_window         = lo_window_manager->create_window(
                    window_name            = 'W_PAYMENT_TENDERS'
                    title                   = 'Payments'
*                    close_in_any_case      = abap_true
                    message_display_mode   = if_wd_window=>co_msg_display_mode_selected
                    close_button           = abap_true
                    button_kind            = if_wd_window=>co_buttons_yesno
                    message_type           = if_wd_window=>co_msg_type_none
*                    default_button         = if_wd_window=>co_button_ok

I tried using the subscribe_to_button_event to change the text and actions of the yes/no buttons, but I can't figure out what to pass in the action_view. Since the popup is coming from the FPM there is no view (I don't think) that holds the popup. If I am wrong, how do I get a reference to that view? The button is created in the CNR_VIEW of FPM_OIF_COMPONENT (I might have just answered the line above, but not sure). Please clarify what the action_view is, and what I should pass it. Thanks