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Answer sorting bug?

Dec 19, 2016 at 09:32 AM


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I have just noticed when looking at this question - - with the answers sorted by votes, that the order of answers is wrong. Right now, in order, there is one answer with 6 votes, a couple with 2 votes, one with 0 votes, one with -2 votes, and then several more with 0 votes. That doesn't seem quite right to me...

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1 Answer

Jürgen L
Dec 19, 2016 at 09:40 AM

A positive and a negative vote result in 0 votes, but for the system it is 2 votes, that's why you see a reply with 0 votes higher ranked than other replies with real 0 votes. No chance for users to understand this. I want a default sort by timeline, this is much clearer for anyone

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Thanks. I thought that might be the case, and yes, it is confusing and not very (at all) useful. I guess we want sort by "final score", not by number of votes cast. I still call bug...

I agree I'd like the ability to set my default sort order. Is there an ideaplace idea for that?


yes, now there is an idea:





Things don't add up - I am referring to Audrey's explanation:

Unless the developer had no idea what to do in the case, when total score and up votes are zero and there are multiple items.... and jut placed these at the end of the list.

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