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Sep 12, 2011 at 02:47 PM

KPI Calculation and using Exception


Hi all,

In my current project we have to calculate certain KPIs of my company and have to compare them with target value and put the result in Green or yellow or red zone using exception.

EX:- KPI 1 = (# of associates having completed training)/(Total # of planned associates to attend training)×100

So here first I have to calculate KPI 1 and put the result % in KPI and then if you see below table as next step

Target Value KPI Color zone

Pharma 10% 20% Green

America 20% 30% Green

US 50% 40% Yellow

Europe 30% 15% Red

CH 40% 20% RED

DE 50% 10% RED

In above table we need to check the KPIs

Green if KPI>Target value

Yellow if KPI is + or - 10% of target value

Red if KPI is < 10% of Target value

Now my question is how to calculate the KPI and target value difference, how to put them in Exception to get color zones display in report using above 3 conditions?

Please suggest...