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Sep 12, 2011 at 01:28 PM

Format of PI messageID in mapping



in a message-mapping (inbound messages from external partners), I have a UDF where I read the PI messageID from runtime as described in differnt posts here. The messageId is mapped in an IDoc text field. Unfortunately the format of the messageID is different compared to the messageID I see in sxmb_moni in SOAP header.

In sxmb_moni it is like this: A1B-c2C

The result in my mapping / IDoc is: a1bc2c

The problem is the missing - characters. Any idea about this problem? I need the messageID exactly as it is shown in sxmb_moni.

Otherwise I maybe could rebuild the messageID in the format which I need. To do this I should know how the messageID is built up in general: Are the "-" alwasy in the same place?