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Former Member
Sep 12, 2011 at 11:19 AM

DIP Profile for T&M billing not billing correctly


I have created a DIP profile for resource related billing. The source is Actual Cost Line Items and I have maintained material determination for each relevant material and criteria with a cost element set and an activity type corresponding to the material in the material determination. I have two questions:

1. when I try to bill with this DIP profile in DP90, I get this message: 'There is more than one sales order or contract item for WBS element'. When I then restrict it to a single sales order item, it only pulls up the quantity i.e number of hours spent in the debit memo request with no costs attached. How can I get it to include costs? Also, I want to be able to bill several sales order items at the same time, how can I achieve this?

2. Time has been written to a WBS but in CATA, after approving the time written to the WBS, I get the message 'no records for transfer to PS'. Is this why the cost is not being billed? How do I correct this?