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Sep 12, 2011 at 10:55 AM

Load custom hierarchy (multiple ownership / parents)


Hi all

Lots of questions below, I just need some input on this..:) Thx. in advance..

I have a question regarding loading a custom Customer hierarchy from SAP CRM to SAP BW. The special thing about this hierarchy is that is a leaf (child) can have multiple parents. E.g.

- Customer C belongs to both Customer A and Customer B. (Shared ownership.)

- Furthermore I have the information that Customer A owns 40% of C and Customer B owns 60% of C.

Is this something that you see I can support in BW, by loading this hierarchy to 0CUSTOMER? Is this at all supported in BW to have leafs with multiple parents?

Let's say I have an infocube and I do not want the key figures for Customer C to sum up for all parents that owns this customer, but I still want to display the relations (e.g. display Customer C under both Customer A and B, but if you look at the result this should not add up twice). Furthermore do you know how I can connect the percentage to the specific relationship and show this in the report?

I have heard about this option called "Linked nodes", where the system creates a reference for a particular node to an original node. Thereby the possibility to display the subtree of a node multiple places in a hierarchy. But I do not know if this is supported for leafs as well?