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Sep 12, 2011 at 08:34 AM

Process Chain Monitoring



I currently have a problem with process chain monitoring:

A process chain had a process which ran for several days, so I stopped the bathc-process in Batch Monitor.

However, I now can no longer monitor the process chain.

When I go to RSPC -> Select process chain -> go to protocoll view , the transaction does not proceed and protocol view is never openend. In SM50 I can see that the system seems to run the program RSPC_PROCESS_FINISH forever...

Also, when I try to run RSPCM, the same problem occurs.

So i have two questions:

- How can I fix the chain so it will properly be shown in monitor view?

- How can I remove the chain from rspcm, so I can start RSPCM again (to monitor the other chains at least)

Best regards, Florian