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Feb 21, 2005 at 10:44 PM connector error


I get an error when I try to call BAPI_HU_PACK from a application. I can call RM_RS_Upload without any trouble so I know I have my connection correct. When I call BAPI_HU_PACK, the application jumps out with "Object referece not set to an instance of an object."

I have ran the same function inside the GUI with SE37 and it ran correctly with exactly the same data as I am trying to pass from the application. I don't actually get an SAP error returned, but rather an application run time error. My SAP system log states "Communication Error, CPIC return code 020, SAP return code 223" My code is below:

Dim proxyme As SAPProxyPack.SAPProxy1

Dim bapItem As New SAPProxyPack.BAPIHUITEM

Dim bapret2 As New SAPProxyPack.BAPIRET2Table

Dim baphuprop As New SAPProxyPack.BAPIHUITMPROPOSAL

Dim baphuhead As New SAPProxyPack.BAPIHUHEADER

Dim bapserial As New SAPProxyPack.BAPIHUITMSERIALTable

Dim bapseritem As New SAPProxyPack.BAPIHUITMSERIAL

With baphuprop

.Hu_Item_Type = "1"

.Material = "01B209AB"

.Pack_Qty = 1

.Plant = "1862"

.Base_Unit_Qty_Iso = ""

.Base_Unit_Qty = "PC"

.Stge_Loc = "0001"

.No_Of_Serial_Numbers = 0

.Number_Pack_Mat = 0

'.Flag_Suplmt_Item = "0"

End With


proxyme = New SAPProxyPack.SAPProxy1

proxyme.Connection = New SAP.Connector.SAPConnection(SAPDestination)



Call proxyme.Bapi_Hu_Pack("12345", baphuprop, baphuhead, bapItem, bapret2, bapserial)

'Me.DataGrid1.DataSource = bapret2.ToADODataTable



Catch ex As Exception


End Try

Please help.