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Sep 12, 2011 at 06:26 AM

How to calculate Val.stock turnover & Val.stockturn-value in MC.9


Dear Expert,

I need help for calculate Val.stock turnover & Val.stockturn-value as in MC.9 Report.

I have found that Val.stock turnover is result from : total consumption/ mean total stock in MC.9

From Table:

total consumption : S031-MGVRB

mean total stock : (SUM from MARDH or MARD for beginning stock and end month stock) / (analize period)

Initially, everything match between report that i've develop with MC.9. but now i found this two problem:

1. Let say total consumption = -1 and mean total stock= 0.5. In MC.9 Val.stock turnover = 0, but my report result: (-1)/(0.5)=-2.

2. I want to analyze period 7. in my report mean total stock = 4 because i get stock in MARDH for (period 6) = 0 and i get stock in MARDH for (period 7) is 8. Then mean total stock = (0+8)/2 = 4. But when i see in mc.9 report with same condition, mean total stock = 5. Is there any table or field that i have to count for mean total stock?

Please help me to solve this problem.

Thanks and Best Regards,