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Sep 11, 2011 at 05:20 PM

No excise duty for exports


Just so that I don't violate forum rules. I searched this forum for the keywords "Exports Excise Invoice". Did not find a question in the first three pages. So, I am posting mine.


I'm working on a export scenario, I want the excise invoice NOT TO capture excise duty (none of these BED,AED,SED). I am not sure but I think it's called ZERO Duty Excise invoice. In exports, as we all know exports are excise exempted.

There are several items in the invoice(approx 15 items), unfortunately in my case the excise invoice is capturing all of BED,AED,SED for each material and my Excise Duty total is exceeding the total invoice(VF01). Which should not be the case.

Simply put my excise invoice should be similar to my commercial invoice in terms of Net value and each material value and it should print Zero Excise duty for each material.

To achieve my objective can I go to FTXP and for the TAX Code maintained for UTXJ put zero for BED,AED,SED and also make the excise condition types statistical in my pricing procedure.

Is this the right approach?

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btw, I am using TAXINJ

Edited by: SAP SD_Newbie on Sep 11, 2011 8:01 PM

To make my life miserable, they are using the same Document and Same pricing procedure for other exports scenario where it is mandatory to capture excise and other taxes(can't argue it's their requirement). So the second option of making the tax condition types statistical is ruled out. So, apart from FTXP do I have any other options.