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Sep 11, 2011 at 12:26 PM

Issue Retro Payroll with currency


Dear all!

I have problem, i try to find out the reason but not succeed. I am using Payroll Schema running for employee in India, of course currency is INR. However I hired 1 employee with currency as USD. The rate 1 USD = 46 INR. Decimal of INR is 3 in V_CURX, but USD I cannot find in V_CURX, but check in basic pay is 2.

If I run actual payroll for this PF on hiring period, there is NO issue. However because he joined after current payroll closed, so in next month we will run payroll for this guy. With my case, his previous salary is 1000 USD ( corrrect) and now is 3000 USD. So the Net pay in payslip is 4000 ( CORRECT). But the problem is Arrears in payslip, it not 1000, it show 10004610 (I guess multi 10 because of difference decimal) = 460000.

As I know, currency in Basic Pay will be used and standard for this PF, but why running retro, it multi with ratr?

Although Net Pay is correct, but if we send his payslip, he will confuse & may send why& why. Could you please help me to explain me why? and where I can check decimal ( I just found INR in V_CURX not USD).

Your good answer will be appreciated!

Please help me!