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Sep 11, 2011 at 08:36 AM

Combination Order Creation Issue



We are working with MTO scenario where production orders are created against sales order. Sometimes, simultaneously two sales orders are created and all common materialu2019s production orders needs to be combined to reduce the setup time. For achieving this, combination order functionality is used.

Production orders are created against two different sales orders. There are 40% of Semi-finished materials which are common for both the sales orders. Now, all these common materials production orders to be combined to created combination orders accordingly. For this, we need to manually input all these common materials production orders which is difficult.

(1) Client requires automatically system should select the common materialu2019s production orders and create combination orders accordingly. Input will be two sales order numbers.

(2) If production orders are combined then only the combined production orderu2019s to be printed.

Can this be achieved by using any Exit?