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Sep 10, 2011 at 12:43 PM

Funds Management - Wrong Account Assignment getting cleared in PR


Hi All,

We are working on Funds Management implementation at our workplace and we are facing a problem relating to account assignment. (SAP ECC 6.0)

We have defined a Account Assignment Derivation for a material as

Material Number = A100 assigned to Commitment Item = ComItem1 and Funds Center = FunCen1.

Now during the creation of a PR for A100, where the Funds Center and Commitment Item fields are mandatory, the wrong commitment item is automatically getting populated (ComItem2 that was defined under a different Funds Center, instead of ComItem1 ;but the fund center field in the PR is alright) and they are also getting passed right up to the MIRO stage, where I get the message "No Commitment Item entered in Item" (here too the wrong funds center and commitment item from the PR are getting populated automatically)

What's worse is that the budget document contains the new commitment item ComItem2 created under FunCen1.

I am not clear as to where the assignment to the funds center and the commitment item in the PR happens - and given that the assignment is given as required, how are the wrong values getting populated and then allowed to proceed upto MIRO ?