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Sep 10, 2011 at 09:45 AM

Please Help Data Model Design



I have to design a data model with following points from clients.

The flow is from Datasource to DSO to Infosource in between and then to cube.

No changes to be done until DSO.

Now i have a master data object called 0employee which is having its attributes 0orgunit and 0person.

0Person is time dependent master object which is having its attribute called 0gender.

Now i have to use 0employee, 0orgunit and 0gender only in cube for reporting.

So my clients says to use 0employee in infosource level and in cube transfer rule type use read master from 0employee into object 0orgunit. My doubt is is this possible when i use 0employee in infosource as well as in cube to read master data?

Also 0employee should compulsary be matched to source object from DSO? Am i right?

Now my question is how to read 0gender from 0person? 0person should not be use in my flow. What i am thinking is use second infosource include 0person object and read master data for 0person from 0employee of first infosource into second infosource and then finally in cube transfer rule type i read master data for 0gender from 0person. Is this possible?

Also my client says 0PERSON is a time depended and you've to put the due date. For Data from actual year it would be current day, and for the "historical" ones use field_x an auxillary field in the InfoSource might help there. What this means how to do this?

My client says rather then doing above steps define 0orgunit and 0gender as navigational attribute in cube. But how is this possible? Does it mean just check box in cube navi attribute drill down? And i might find Navi attributes for 0orgunit and 0person to check but where will i find 0gender as it is attribute of 0person?

My final requirement is to have 0employee, 0orgunit and 0gender in cube for reporting.

Please help.

Syed Zabi