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Former Member
Sep 10, 2011 at 12:08 AM

COPY/PASTE buttons in SC screens in SRM 7.1



We are on SRM 7.0.1.

The issue we are facing is regarding the "COPY" and "PASTE" buttons in

the shopping carts screens.

The main difference between "COPY/PASTE" and "DUPLICATE" buttons is

that we can copy items from one shopping cart into the clipboard and

paste them in a different shopping cart wherease "DUPLICATE" button

would be used to duplicate/copy items from in the same shopping cart.

In our system,however,we are unable to copy items from one shopping

cart (say 100) into the clipboard and try to copy them into another

shopping cart(say 200).

NOTE:The 2nd shopping cart(200) is not an already created shopping cart

in which we are trying to paste the items from cart 100.Cart 200 is

created after cart 100(in one shop screen).

The shopping cart creation is done through "ONE SCREEN" transaction.

Please advise.