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Feb 21, 2005 at 02:14 PM

Deletion program to handle deletes in the ODS



I am loading my ODS object, a full load from a flat file everyday. The load contains the last 10 days of data. Any data that is older than 10 days is static and can not be changed.

Next day I load 10 days data again (full load). To simulate the delta correctly in the ODS, I need to delete all the records for the last 9 days from the previous day's load and 10th day records remain in ODS.

This is what i am planning to do to delete the data. In the start routine, I am selecting the data from active table and posting delete records for all of those. This will work well if we always have one datapacket. but if the code runs for every datapacket (lets say 10), for every record, i'll be posting 10 delete records.

I need a way to restrict my code to run only once per load, either first datapacket or last datapacket...

Or if you can think of any other method to handle the situation...

Thanks a lot...