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Sep 09, 2011 at 03:34 PM

Crsytal Reports - Dataset - 2 Fields same name



I am having trouble displaying data from MySQL in Crystal Reports.

I have 3 tables:

tblproperty: ref

tblpropert_room: fk_property_ref, fk_lookup_rootyp_id & description

tbllookup_user: id & decription

tblproperty_room;description = description about each room ie lovely view from the window

tbllookup_user; description = description text for the room name ie bathroom

I can call them using an MySql statement:

SELECT a.no_name, a.address_line1, a.address_line2, a.address_line3,a.address_line4,, a.county, a.postcode, a.display_price, a.general_desc, a.ref, a.viewing_text, a.directions,, b.dimensions_ft, b.dimensions_m, b.description, b.fk_property_ref, b.fk_lookup_rootyp_id, c.description FROM tblproperty a, tblproperty_room_details b, tbllookup_user c WHERE a.ref = b.fk_property_ref AND = b.fk_lookup_rootyp_id AND a.ref= "pra50191"


This data gets passed to a dataset which is then used to design the crystal report. But in a dataset you cannot name a field twice (description; in tblproperty_room_details and tbllookup_user

I have created two datasets, displayed the records, but the problem is that the datasets will not link.

I have tried merging AND linking via the wizard (GUI) - but results in the report adds a room description to each type of room ie bathroom several times. It does not link. This is the problem.

If we could add 2 fields with the same name within a dataset it would work fine as I would state id=fk_lookup_id & ref=fk_property_ref

But I am stuck and unsure of what to do, so any help would be great???

thanks in advance