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Feb 21, 2005 at 12:46 PM

WSDL Data connection not working - SAP Interactive Forms(Adobe Based)



I am trying to explore the features of Adobe based forms in SAP (WAS 6.4) and have been trying to create an interactive form.

I am trying to use the WSDL file Data Connection but with no success. This is what I have been doing, starting with a blank form in the "Layout" tab,

- In the "Data View", created a "New Data Connection".

- Selected "WSDL file" Option.

- Browsed to and selected the desired WSDL file.

- Selected the WebService Option listed (Only one in my case).

The WebService in this case is programed to "Request" two numbers and "Response" back the sum. (This was just for trial).

- The connection subsequently appeared in the "Data View".

- Expanded the "Request" and "Response" trees and dragged the elements to the "Body Page" screen.

- Dragged the Data Connection Button to the screen.

- On the Properties of the Button, Went to the "Object" tab and then to the "Execute" tab.

- Checked "Re-Merge Form Data" and Run at "Client and Server"

- Generated the PDF Preview

- On the preview, entered the values for the "Requested" fields and clicked the button. It displays the error message "Couldn't post data to ".

This was my long story, but with this background, what I want to know is:

- How do i get it to work, I expected to see the sum in the field.

- What is meant by running at "Client or Server".

We do use a proxy server to connect to the Internet.

As a bottom line, I intend to make an interactive form with which I can display real-time transactional data on the form from our R/3 46C server based on a user input on the form itself (eg: PO info on entering of PO number on the form output itself)

Best Regards,

Sanyam Kapur