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Sep 09, 2011 at 10:38 AM

OBCD for Oracle


Hi Experts

Someone told me in [this|Report can be refreshed in DeskI / WebI but not in InfoView; post that besides my native Oracle client, I need to define an ODBC connection to Oracle in order to be able to connect through InfoView to the source database for lets say a simple refresh.

How do I do this?

I go to Admin tools > data sources > system DSN ...

To which fields do following Oracle ODBC parameters refer ?

Data Source Name =? TNSNAMES entry

Description =? Free to choose

User Name = DB User

Serevr =? TNSNAMES entry or DNS address

Does one of the parameters need to be similar to the name of the connection as I see them in the CMC ??

The thing is, I can edit, refresh, create reports with source data in the thin clients, but can't do a refresh in InfoView... Some oracle messge then shows telling me:

S​e​t​P​r​o​m​p​t​s​ ​f​a​i​l​e​d​ ​-​ ​C​o​n​n​e​c​t​i​o​n​ ​o​r​ ​S​Q​L​ ​s​e​n​t​e​n​c​e​ ​e​r​r​o​r​:​ ​(​D​A​0​0​0​5​)​:​ ​[​E​x​c​e​p​t​i​o​n​:​ ​D​B​D​,​ ​O​R​A​-​1​2​1​5​4​:​ ​T​N​S​:​c​o​u​l​d​ ​n​o​t​ ​r​e​s​o​l​v​e​ ​t​h​e​ ​c​o​n​n​e​c​t​ ​i​d​e​n​t​i​f​i​e​r​ ​s​p​e​c​i​f​i​e​d​ ​S​t​a​t​e​:​ ​N​/​A​]​ ​A​ ​c​o​n​n​e​c​t​i​o​n​ ​r​e​q​u​i​r​e​d​ ​t​o​ ​r​e​f​r​e​s​h​ ​t​h​i​s​ ​d​o​c​u​m​e​n​t​ ​i​s​ ​u​n​a​v​a​i​l​a​b​l​e​.​ ​(​D​A​0​0​0​4​)​:​ ​[​]​ ​T​h​e​ ​f​o​l​l​o​w​i​n​g​ ​d​a​t​a​ ​p​r​o​v​i​d​e​r​s​ ​h​a​v​e​ ​n​o​t​ ​b​e​e​n​ ​s​u​c​c​e​s​s​f​u​l​l​y​ ​r​e​f​r​e​s​h​e​d​:​ ​Q​u​e​r​y​ ​1​ ​w​i​t​h​ ​P​H​O​E​N​I​X​.​ ​(​D​M​A​0​0​0​7​)​:​ ​[​]​

Thanks in advance...