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Sep 09, 2011 at 07:00 AM

coding an append-structure for a table?


Hey Team ABAP,

i was browsing the forum to find a solution to append a DB-table via coding instead of manually doing it via SE11.

Maybe i was just using wrong keywords i wouldnt neglect that, but i wasnt able to find something.

So i come here asking.

What i want to do is:

creating an append to a DB table, or rather a DDIC-structure at runtime via coding.

And well i dont really want to manually create DD02L entries, thats a bit too hot and dangerous in my eyes.

when looking in which FM´s DD02L is used i found FM DB_ALTER_TABLE, which somehow sounds promising, but ias far as i understood, it wont help we much. There are some other FM´s in function group SDB2 which somehow sound useful, but before checking them all out, i wanted to ask here if someone has done this before and can set me on the right track.

I just a hint how i could proceed. I´m very confident that coding wont be my problem then.

Thanks for listening.